Typo3 Website with Content Management Systeem

TYPO3 Specialist HocomAdvies

HocomAdvies Marketing Specilised in the Website CMS TYPO3. 

TYPO3 for websites, is an extended Open-source Content Management Systeem (CMS). Advantages of a  TYPO3 website CMS  in short: - secure  - extended list of possibilities - multi language - flexible tot use - professional back end - multi-user - and many more options! Out of the box designed for use on mobiel en desktop (responsive). The website design, content and usage from TYPO3 CMS are easy to adapt to fit your company and users need.

Easy Creation and editing of Content, text, images, news!

Also the HocomAdvies Marketing website is powered with the TYPO3 CMS systeem. The main advantage of the TYPO3 website cms is  its flexibility. Adding pages, content,  images and media are very easy. Als having different page-designs or page-layouts can be available to select. Working with templates for different layouts and looks. Editing in TYPO3 CMS is very easy and can be done instantly. Adding a new image, changing the text or title or even create "landing pages" for your marketing action, no problem. And no need for calling an agency or specialist, you can easy manage it yourself! So, when you have a creative brain-wave, or some important news, or product information comes available, you can instantly publish it on your website!

Existing Sites can be transfered into a TYPO3 Website!

Your Company or Brand site can be transferred into a TYPO3 website. Most times without much effort or minor adaptations. Because the "base system of TYPO3" is OpenSource, the exploitation costs are low compared to any other CMS system. TYPO3 offers high performance, security, possibilities and is therfor very professional. That made TYPO3 become the choice of many companies.

TYPO3 CMS You will love it!

Due to an extended amount of "extensions" TYPO3 CMS can be extended with many options. Making it more suitable for your purpose and goals. Many parts of TYPO3 can be finetuned into detail.  To achieve that the typical TYPO3 programming language Typoscript is used. Together with the "Fluid" language and PHP this is a strong tool for building modern safe Websites.

TYPO3 website is out of the box ready for SEO!

As an opensource community project TYPO3 is well known for its continue process of improvement. The TYPO3 team and many volunteers are working and sharing kwnoledge to make sure TYPO3 is getting better and stays reliable. It is one of the few CMS systems which is coming with an out of the box  SEO optimalisation for better Finding and Google score.

Search terms, page description, readable url, are created with ease. Leading to more visitors to your website. Having multi languages available is no problem and can be very attractive. Even having seperate domains for different languages is no problem and easy to maintain.

Tell us more about TYPO3

Typo3 Website With Content Management Systeem

HocomAdvies Marketing has been using TYPO3 almost from the beginning. Now many years later we are specialised in this great OpenSource Web system CMS Typo3
Easy to adapt websites, safe and secure, user friendly and out of the box ready for SEO optimalisation. So, your webcontent stays up to date and visitors wil find their way to you, being attracted by better prepared SEO through Google and other search engines.


With a huge amount of available extensions TYPO3 can be extended in many ways to server your needs. Every part of the website can be shaped into what ever your desires are. Lauout, design or special landing pages might be created on the fly. Some unterstanding of the system as well of the TY:O3 - language Typoscript is needed. But no worries we take care of that part for you.

TYPO3 website CMS is interessting for a wide range of companies - organisations. From global operating multinationals up to small companies looking for a robust scalable safe system.

HocomAdvies is very enthousiatic about TYPO3 and eager to advise you about the use for your business.

Contact us by mail or phone (0343 574 600)  mail for more.