My TYPO3 website needs attention! Who can help me?

Your excisting TYPO3 website needs urgent attention. It is probably outdated and must be upgraded or even renewed. We are available for first aid TYPO3 help. The firts thing we will do after having contact with you? Perform a test to find out what the state is of your TYPPO3 website. Than we will advise and discuss the steps to take to get your TYPO3 website up and running.

Upgrade - Udate - or renew your TYPO3 CMS Website.

Depening of the TYPO3 version, the state of the website is in and other things like server, hosting, and more, we can offer an advise and action-plan. Sometimes it is just a matter of upgrading and your ok. If the system is outdated and par example using special extensions, or even depreciated parts of software there is more work to do. Now a day there are many improved ways to have a safe and modern operating TYPO3 CMS website. The handling of templates, safety and SEO are all state of the art and will make your TYPO3 website much better. So if you are looking for better TYPO3 website user experience, better performance, better marketeing use and better SEO and website safety, than the choice might be to rebuild. This can be achieved even without the direct need to have a new design. We will just re-use what is good and make your TYPO3 website operate better than before.