QR-code Quick Response coded for HocomAdvies

QR-code Quick Response coded for HocomAdvies

quick #response with a #qr-code, ease of use and does it help growing your business?

Quick Response "QR-code"

The so called QR code or quick response code, becomes more and more visible in the day to day media environment. Is it just an other gimmick, popular amongst marketeers, or is it indeed a very usefull tool for businesses?


What's a QR-code?

First of all, we need to explain what a QR-code actually is. A qr-code or Quick Response code, is a digital graphic image which can be read by smart phones. If the mobile phone has a build in camera, and an so called qr-code, scan app installed, the user can scan the graphic image. Than there will be shown some information on the mobile phone's screen. This information (which is "hidden" in the special pixels of the image) can differ from just an text message, to an url towards an (company) website or special response form, sending an sms text-message.


Why could QR be useful?

With the growing use and importance of the mobile phone (smart phones), for many people it's the first tool they will use for finding information, it's getting harder reaching your audience. The tendency is, that users will not read much (small screens) but are more interested in interaction and images. So having your information available in a way, which appeals to this new manner of adapting information might be important. That's why the qr-code is very interesting. It's providing some interactivity to non interactive media such as printed items. Also it's providing the user a very easy and low barrier way to find out more about your business (proposal). And yes, since it's still relative new, it's also a bit sexy having this appearing on your publications.


Samples of QR-code

Will this lead to more contacts and growth for your business? Might be the case when used in a smart way. When used in an printed campaign it can help getting more people visiting the campaign website. When it's used with an special product/ price-offer, and leading the qr-code users straight towards an on-line webshop, it can even result into more direct sales. We have seen samples of qr-codes on many different publications. On cars, bilboard, poster, t-shirts, mug and many others. We for ourself are using it on our business cards, and in some of our other publications. 


Can I get an QR code as well?

Getting your own QR-code is not very difficult. There are many on-line QR-code services available. They just ask you filling in some details, url or a text and the QR-code image will be created instantly. Give it a try. The possibilities are many. In case one wants to differ from others, there is also a possibility having your very own, special designed QR-code image. Including your company logo, special artwork, etc. 






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