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Vernieuwde site? Help Google de weg terug te vinden!

Return on google SEO use .htaccess 301 redirects when launching a new typo3 website!

When launching a completely new or partly renovated website, one must not forget the impact this might have on the websites SEO position. Meaning?

Well, one of the important parameters google uses for calculating the sites position, has to do with the pages indexed by the google spider (robot). The more pages indexed by google the better the overall position might be. These pages are stored in the google cash and will be served as results in search queries.

Now, when having a new website, renovated site pages might become obsolete or will be renamed, or wil get an other path, etc. Or are even moved towards a completely new demain name. Since google has stored the old page's url in its cache, when it did his indexing job, the path towards the webpage will no longer be valid. Now google will ofcourse send it robot on the way, and have your new site spidered as well. Even your new pages will be visible in google after some while.
But the older pages which helped building your SEO rank are no longer there.
This might cause a drop down in ranking.

Help Google to return on ranking (or just stay there...)

When you are aware of these google trick, its not that hard dealing with it. Using typo 3 there are even several solutions dealing with this. One of them is taking advantage of the Typo3 build in 301 redirect systematic. Which comes in handy when only few pages in a typo3 CMS website are deleted or renamed. 

A more complex method is using a .htacces file holding the needed 301 redirects. This might be a better choice, when, par example you are moving over from an older website towards a complete new typo3 website. 

In the .htacces file the old url path which is still available in google wil be redirected towards his successor in the new or updated site.

That will be something like this:

#A dynamic url like this:

#wil have a redirect like this:
RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} actie=keukencheck$  
RewriteRule ^$ /keukencheck_nieuw? [R=301,L]

Now, when google or any user follows the old link, offered in google search, it will be redirected towards the new page. Giving as a result that the google indexation still is in place. After some time google will have adopted the "new" situation.

With this smart rewriting, the return on SEO investment, will not be lost when going over towards a new typo3 website. Sounds interesting, right?

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